Plastic printing

Direct printing with resolution 1440 dpi on hard materials is a modern alternative of creation an image on hard substrates. For such tasks polyvinyl chloride of dissimilar thickness (1 – 10 mm) is used as well as foamcore, polystyrene plastic, acrylic glass and plexiglas, metal, PET.

Plastic printing is conducted with the help of UV-curable ink. It provides excellent rendition of colors. PVC plastic products with imposed images are widely used: sign plates, panels, furniture elements.

Direct printing on polystyrene plasticе and acrylic glass is appropriate for sophisticated designer solutions.

Printing on foamcoreе gives possibility to create light and volume posters that are used for interior decoration of offices and retail spaces. Differential characteristic of foamcore is light weight. It makes installation works easier.

Metal printing (metal plate products for sublimation of English company Ultra) allows to create impressive products used as sign plates, nameplates, diplomas, certificates.

We cut printed products with highly precise mill cutter. It allows to create rectangular, figured products that are widely used in ad framing, POSM, direction signs.