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Binding is a process of printed pages fastening in order to create a multipage product – presentations, brochures, magazines, catalogues and so on. Depending on the binding type there exist different technologies of binding. We use:

  • Staple binding or saddle stitch binding– Cover and block are fastened with braces.
  • Wiro binding involves gathering pages together, punching holes along their side and holding them together with a metal or plastic wire spine.
  • PUR (perfect binding)– With this type of binding, the cover and pages are glued together with a super strong glue. Often the cover is longer than the pages, so the cover is trimmed to give it that perfect look. PUR is used for products spine thickness 3-50 mm and running more than 10 pieces. There are specific requirements to the design layout of multipage documents: number of pages, paging and information blocks layout. Technical requirements to the design layouts are here.